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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-04-29
Explain the best Automation Testing Tools in 2021

Today enterprises are in demand of good quality-driven, faster software releases to keep up with the market competition. This can be possible through “Automation Testing’’ of the software ready to release instead of manual testing. Hence, this is the buzzing word across the global IT field. The success of any automation testing mainly depends upon choosing the right tool. Today there are a number of Automation testing tools available with open-source and commercial usage benefits. Besides, selecting the best automation testing tool among these tools is very tricky.

Therefore, I have curated the list of the best Automation Testing Tools useful in 2021 with their features. This learning can help you to select the right tool for testing your project or software in a fast-paced way.

Before you dive into depth in this context, you should know what Automation Testing tools do actually.

Automation testing is the method of testing software products with special automation testing tools & frameworks. This kind of testing software reduces human efforts and intervention and increases the product’s quality. This type of testing is done through automation software that controls the flow of test execution as per test scripts. These are compared with the resulting forecast for reliability and quality before releasing. Moreover, this type of testing helps to execute important repetitive tasks that are hard to achieve through manual testing.

Automation Testing Tools

This is in brief about automation testing and its use. And now we will move to the actual context of the best Automation Testing tools of 2021.

Automation Testing tools 2021

In this section, you will explore the best automation testing tools 2021 and their best features also. There are many open-source/free and commercial license-based automation testing tools available in the present IT market.

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Let’s start with the Selenium automation testing tool. Selenium is a popular open-source web automation testing tool with good demand and used widely. This is the best QA automation testing tool and can automate processes across different operating systems. OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Also, it supports many types of browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, etc. 

Besides, it supports multiple coding languages also like Java, Python, JS, PHP, etc. Moreover, it provides the record and playback features with Selenium IDE, a strong component. It also includes the powerful feature of Selenium WebDriver that is useful in developing complex automation scripts.

Key Features of Selenium

It helps to reduce the test execution time through Parallel test automation.

Offers strong support to different browsers, coding languages, and OS.

Best testing tool for web-based apps in a faster way with great accuracy and zero errors.

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This is one of the open-source automation testing tools mainly useful for mobile apps. And is backed by native, hybrid, and various mobile apps based on Android and iOS features. It helps to use various vendor-offered automation frameworks for the users and is a server-based architecture. In recent times, it gained much popularity and stability in the category of mobile automation testing tools.

Key Features

It helps to automate any type of mobile app based on any framework or language.

Through the web driver protocol the tool also drives tests across iOS, Windows, and Android platforms accurately.


This is one of the open-source cloud-based automation testing tools with the power community support. Hence, it helps users to test web, iOS, Android, etc apps across all OS without much effort. Also, it can easily alliance with the team using Selenium and Appium, automation testing tools for speed, accuracy, and quality. Further, its powerful SDK offers recording capabilities, use addons, build code tests for free.

Key Features 

It’s an easy tool to get started without much IT skills needed.

This tool doesn’t need many setups.

Offers seamless combinations with various CI/CD workflows.

Moreover, it provides complete report dashboards and easy visuals.

Ranorex Studio

A worldwide used all-in-one automation testing tool with a large user base. Ranorex is the best testing tool for beginners with an easy-to-use interface. This is much popular with automation experts that use complete IDE for C# and open-source APIs. The below are the best features of this automation testing tool.

Key Features

The tool offers functional UI testing including a complete testing process on Desktop, Mobile, and web apps.

It also helps to perform cross-browser testing seamlessly.

Further, it supports iOS and Android apps well.

Also, it helps to run tests remotely, and in parallel on the Selenium Grid.

Besides, the tool has robust reporting features that make it easier to understand.

The tool also combines with different popular solutions like GIT, Jenkins, TestRail, Neoload, etc. for a complete testing tools chain.


This is also one of the award-winning automation testing tools that provide automation solutions. The tool has been given a leadership position by all the top analysts of the globe. It is a GUI test automation solution provider that offers comprehensive test coverage without disturbing the source code. 

Key Features 

This is an AI-driven test automation solution that has unique testing abilities to make the process faster & easier.

Also, it increases test coverage so that users easily find more bugs. And can release the better-performing app faster.

It supports agile testing methodologies to accelerate tests with the use of Agile and DevOps methods.

Provides very responsive and scalable application experiences for better user engagement.

Also, it helps in the integration with other useful tools that a team uses within an enterprise.


TestComplete is one of the GUI automation testing tools that run automated tests for all apps. It enables testers to build automated tests for all platforms such as Windows, Web, Android, iOS, etc. Every user can use this tool with or without technical knowledge. This testing tool developed by Smartbear software company.

Key Features 

This testing tool offers native support to BDD.

Easy to use with AI and provides fast, easy maintenance, and execution of various functional tests.

Hence, the main features that it includes are codeless test building, record and playback usage, etc. Also, users can develop automation test scripts on modern technology languages like Python, JS, etc.

Besides, it ensures to run functional tests in parallel on both platforms- on cloud and local machine. 

Moreover, this tool supports various enterprise testing apps like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle EBS, etc.

It has an AI-driven object recognition engine that helps to develop high-quality software.

This tool supports CI with other testing tools CI/CD, test management, VC, etc. while providing a full lifecycle.


A leading cloud-based testing platform with cross-browser support. It empowers users to execute compatibility testing with automation for their web apps. Also, it combines with various OS and 2k plus bowsers in this regard. 

Key Features 

It offers cross-browser testing solutions with cloud-based technology.

Also, it provides a single-click bug logging system using various tools like JIRA, GitHub, Slack, etc.

The tool also easily combines with various CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TravisCI, etc.

Live interactive testing with automatic screenshot production.

Moreover, it helps to run test automation scripts across Selenium Grid online.

Also, the tool helps to debug several issues through various integrated developer tools.

Further, it enables Geo Location testing means run your tests from different locations to get the best experience.

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This is one of the codeless automation testing tools that use Action-based testing solutions. It is the most powerful testing solution that allows users to deploy tests rapidly, and build tests that are easily maintainable and robust. Also, it helps to drive tests and producing reports via a dashboard. The TestArchitect tool mainly concentrates on scaling up automation coverage and efficiency through keyword-based testing. A large group of technical testers helps many small testers to achieve 80% of the automation coverage through this tool.

Key Features

It has codeless automation with an Action-based testing feature.

The tool is highly extensible, code- reusability, and includes less maintenance cost.

Also, it has an intuitive spreadsheet IDE that helps to rapidly build business readable and writable test cases similar to Excel.

It supports various platforms like Desktop, Mobile, different types of browsers, API, etc.

Besides, OS that it supports is Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, etc.

It helps to author tests, add test data, and debug tests for any issues through a  single IDE.

This tool has a user-friendly interface viewer that helps to locate the properties of the UI element. Moreover, it also identifies the features to use the certain Automation testing tool to define the UI elements for a given window.


This is one of the automation testing tools that provide end-to-end testing solutions for rapidly developing teams across all sizes. Zephyr, also developed by Smartbear software, enables flexibility, visibility, and useful insights to release your software much faster. 

Key Features

The tool offers single-click integration with JIRA, Jenkins, etc tools.

It provides various deployment facilities through Cloud, Server, and Data Center.

Moreover, it offers advanced analytics and DevOps based dashboard. 

It is a perfect solution for agile testing teams that concentrate on Test Design, Performance and Automating tests.

Furthermore, it provides impactful real-time metrics for development teams.

Cerberus Testing

This is one of the automation testing tools with a free-to-use, low code, and highly scalable test automation platform. It easily combines with other testing tools like Selenium, Appium, etc. Also, it offers cross-platform and browser compatibility along with Web, API, Desktop, Mobile testing solutions. 

Key Features 

It helps to build a low code test library for various platforms like web, desktop, mobile, API, etc.

Supports parallel test execution on local and remote testing areas.

Helps to iterate much faster between test execution, repository, and reporting solutions.

It has an in-built test requirement management system such as dashboards, analytics, etc.

Moreover, it supports many reusable and modular tests.

Also, it supports native audits and fine-grained logging.


An automation testing solution for SAP with a leading Agile and DevOps continuous automation platform. This solution is designed to beat the various bottlenecks of complex automation. Moreover, it is a code-free regular automation testing platform that satisfies the needs of giant enterprises. 

Key Features 

It automates unattended end-to-end business processes on large scale. 

This tool also tests and automates SuccessFactors, Concur, Syclo, etc. 

Moreover, this testing tool offers an integrated test DM tool.

Katalon Studio

This is also one of the popular automation testing tools with open-source usage with web and mobile environment support. It is the best one among automation testing tools built on top of automation tools. 

Key Features 

The tool uses Groovy as a scripting language with external Java library support.

Also, offers CI with other tools and systems as given above.

Test Studio

This is also one of the best and the latest automation testing tools from Telerik. The test studio supports almost all platforms and languages similar to the others above mentioned. It includes Ajax, JS, HTML5, etc platforms. Also, it can link with various source control systems like GIT and supports CT also. Parallel tests and strong test reporting features are add-ons to this tool.

How to select the best automation testing tool?

Selection of the best automation tool is very tricky and difficult. It depends upon various factors to disclose. 

Hence, to choose the best testing solution with automation you need to follow some simple steps.

Locate the testing areas that need automation for faster results.

Do thorough Research and Analysis of the various automation testing tools that are useful, meets your needs, and budget.

Then, select or shortlist any two types of these tools.

Conduct pilot tests on your testing platforms.

Moreover, do meetings with your stakeholders and other management for necessary approvals.

Finally, you are ready to proceed with the automation tests.


Hence, this is all about various automation testing tools and their useful features. I hope you got the basic idea of each testing tool that is useful in automating tests through various means. It totally depends upon the business needs and the budget to choose the best automation tool. Automation gives rapid testing features to the software ready to release in the market. Most of the tools support cross-browsers, languages, and OS within the enterprise systems. 

Moreover, it needs to keep updated every time of these automation testing tools according to the latest changes. Stay tuned to the latest updates on this chapter and to get more knowledge and skill on test automation, go with Selenium Online Training with the ITGuru platform. Learn from experts in the industry to get a real-time experience of automation usage.